The Fisher & Paykel 23987 Surround Kit is a discontinued product specifically designed for integrating a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator with concealed hinges into a custom cabinet space. While it won’t be readily available for purchase, this review can help you determine if you can find a used one or if a similar surround kit from another manufacturer might be suitable.

Key Features:

  • Concealed Hinge Compatibility: This surround kit is designed to work with Fisher & Paykel refrigerators that have concealed hinges. These hinges are hidden from view, creating a seamless look within your cabinetry.
  • Custom Cabinet Integration: The surround kit allows you to install your Fisher & Paykel refrigerator into a custom cabinet space, ensuring a built-in appearance.

Potential Downsides:

  • Discontinued Product: Finding a Fisher & Paykel 23987 Surround Kit may be difficult as it is no longer in production. You might need to search for used models online or through appliance retailers specializing in discontinued parts.
  • Limited Information: Due to it being discontinued, there’s limited information available on the specifics of this surround kit. It’s important to ensure compatibility with your particular Fisher & Paykel refrigerator model before considering a used unit.


  • Contact Fisher & Paykel: Fisher & Paykel may be able to recommend a compatible surround kit currently available for your refrigerator model.
  • Universal Surround Kits: Depending on your refrigerator’s dimensions, you might be able to find a universal surround kit from a third-party manufacturer that would work for integration.


If you’re looking for a surround kit to integrate a new Fisher & Paykel refrigerator with concealed hinges, it’s best to explore currently available options recommended by the manufacturer. However, if you have an existing Fisher & Paykel refrigerator with concealed hinges that requires a surround kit and are willing to search for a used model, the Fisher & Paykel 23987 could be a suitable option if you can find it and confirm compatibility. Remember, finding a used unit might be challenging.