The Fisher & Paykel CE905CBX1 is a feature-rich range cooker with a sleek design. However, customer reviews suggest inconsistent quality and potential reliability concerns.

Here’s a breakdown of the Fisher & Paykel CE905CBX1:


  • Multifunctionality: This cooker offers a variety of functions, including baking, roasting, grilling, and even steaming.
  • Design: The CE905CBX1 boasts a modern and stylish design that can complement any kitchen.
  • Features: It comes with several user-friendly features like telescopic shelves for easy access to food in the oven and a digital display for easy control.


  • Brand Reliability: Fisher & Paykel appliances have received lower ratings on sites like, raising concerns about potential reliability issues with this specific model as well.
  • User Reviews: Customer reviews mention inconsistent performance and occasional malfunctions.
  • Price: This is a high-end appliance and may not be suitable for all budgets.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

  • Reviews: While the CE905CBX1 may boast a range of features, it’s important to consider the reported inconsistency in quality based on user reviews.
  • Warranty: Investigate the warranty options offered and factor that into your decision.
  • Budget: This is a high-priced appliance, so ensure it fits your budget comfortably.


  • Consider other Fisher & Paykel models with better customer reviews.
  • Research similar feature-rich models from other brands to compare functionalities and pricing.


The Fisher & Paykel CE905CBX1 might be a good option for those looking for a feature-rich and stylish range cooker. However, given the reported reliability concerns, it’s essential to carefully consider user reviews and ensure the warranty provides adequate coverage before making a purchase. It’s also wise to explore alternatives from other brands to broaden your options.