The Fisher & Paykel DE45F56EW1 is a vented dryer in the brand’s Aerosense series. This mid-range dryer offers a good balance of features and functionality for everyday laundry needs. Let’s delve into its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your home.


  • Sensor Drying: One of the biggest strengths of this dryer is its sensor drying technology. This feature automatically adjusts drying time based on the moisture level in the clothes, preventing over-drying and shrinkage. Users generally report clothes coming out dry and wrinkle-free most of the time [1].
  • Quiet Operation: The DE45F56EW1 is known for being a quiet dryer. This is a major plus for those who live in apartments or have laundry rooms near bedrooms.
  • Easy to Use: The control panel features buttons and a digital display, making it user-friendly for people of all tech savviness. Users appreciate the simple interface and clear drying options [1].
  • Wrinkle Prevention: The dryer has a wrinkle-free mode that tumbles clothes periodically after the drying cycle is complete, helping to minimize wrinkles and making ironing easier.
  • Compact Size: With a 4.5kg capacity, this dryer is ideal for small households or those with limited laundry space.
  • Additional Features: The DE45F56EW1 comes with a handy shoe drying rack and a wall mounting kit for added convenience.


  • Limited Capacity: The 4.5kg capacity might be insufficient for larger families or those who wash bulky items frequently.
  • Occasional Dampness: While sensor drying is generally reliable, some users report clothes coming out slightly damp on some cycles [1]. This may necessitate checking clothes at the end of the cycle and running an extra drying time if needed.
  • Fewer Features: Compared to higher-end dryers, the DE45F56EW1 has a more basic feature set. It lacks fancy options like steam refresh or multiple heat settings.


 the Fisher & Paykel DE45F56EW1 is a good choice for those looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and quiet dryer for everyday use in small households. Its sensor drying and wrinkle prevention features are particularly noteworthy. However, if you need a large capacity dryer with extensive features, you might consider other models.