The Fisher & Paykel DH8060C1 is a heat pump dryer that promises energy-efficient clothes drying with a sleek design. Let’s explore its features and see if it lives up to the hype.

Drying Performance

  • Heat Pump Technology: This dryer utilizes heat pump technology, which is known for its energy efficiency. It reuses warm air, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional condenser dryers.
  • Sensor Drying: The DH8060C1 boasts sensor drying, which automatically shuts off the cycle once clothes reach the desired dryness level. This helps prevent over-drying and potential damage to garments.
  • Drying Time and Consistency: User reviews on dryer performance are mixed []. Some users report longer drying times than expected, particularly with large loads or bulky items like sheets []. Additionally, there have been comments about inconsistency in drying results, with some clothes coming out damp while others are dry [].

Usability and Features

  • Cycle Options: The DH8060C1 offers a variety of pre-programmed cycles for different fabrics and loads. This allows you to choose the most suitable setting for your laundry.
  • Reverse Tumbling: This feature helps prevent clothes from tangling and ensures more even drying. However, information on the reverse cycle duration is not readily available.
  • Noise Level: Reviews indicate that the DH8060C1 operates relatively quietly [Appliances Online], making it suitable for laundry rooms near living areas.
  • Condenser Tank: The dryer features a built-in condenser tank that collects moisture extracted from clothes during the drying cycle. This eliminates the need for external venting, offering some installation flexibility. However, emptying the tank regularly is necessary.

Other Considerations

  • Design: The DH8060C1 features a sleek and modern design with a stainless steel finish.
  • Capacity: With an 8kg capacity, this dryer is suitable for small to medium-sized households.
  • Warranty: Fisher & Paykel typically offers a standard warranty on their appliances. Be sure to check the specific terms for the DH8060C1 model.


The Fisher & Paykel DH8060C1 presents an energy-efficient option with sensor drying and a variety of cycles. However, concerns regarding drying times, inconsistency, and potential lack of information on the reverse tumble cycle raise some questions about its overall performance. User reviews are also mixed. If energy efficiency and a sleek design are your top priorities, the DH8060C1 might be worth considering. However, if fast drying times and consistent results are crucial, further research into alternative models may be necessary.