The Fisher & Paykel DW24U6I1 is a built-in dishwasher offering a combination of quiet operation, cleaning power, and adjustable storage. This review will explore its features, strengths, weaknesses, and help you determine if it’s the right dishwasher for your kitchen.


  • Quiet Performance: Operates at a low decibel level (around 46 dBA) for a peaceful kitchen environment.
  • Seven Wash Cycles: Provides options for various cleaning needs, including Auto, Heavy, Delicate, and Sanitize.
  • Flexible Storage: Three adjustable racks with a full-width cutlery tray and cup holders offer customizable space for dishes of various shapes and sizes.
  • Stainless Steel Design: Offers a sleek and modern look that complements most kitchen styles.


  • Quiet Operation: Ideal for open-plan kitchens or those who dislike noisy appliances.
  • Cleaning Performance: Generally good cleaning results, especially with the Heavy and Sanitize cycles.
  • Adjustable Storage: The three-rack system with a full-width cutlery tray allows for flexible loading options.
  • Water and Energy Efficiency: Uses less water and energy compared to older dishwashers.


  • Limited Capacity for Dishware: May not be suitable for large families or those who entertain frequently.
  • Rack Design Issues: Some users report that the plate pegs in the bottom rack are too close together, limiting capacity for certain dishes. The top cutlery basket might be small for large utensil sets.
  • Inconsistent Drying: The standard drying cycle might not leave dishes completely dry, especially plastic items. The Extra Dry option can help but extends cycle time.
  • User Reviews on Durability: While Fisher & Paykel promotes reliability, some user reviews mention concerns about long-term durability.


The Fisher & Paykel DW24U6I1 is a good option for those seeking a quiet and efficient dishwasher with some flexibility in loading. Its cleaning performance is decent, but some rack design limitations and drying inconsistency might be drawbacks. Consider your household size and dishware needs before deciding.