The Fisher & Paykel DW60FC4X1 is a freestanding dishwasher that promises cleaning power and convenience. This review will dissect its features, performance, and potential drawbacks to help you decide if it’s the right dishwasher for your needs.

Features and Functionality

  • Drawer Design: This model boasts a two-drawer design, offering flexibility in loading dishes of various shapes and sizes.
  • Wash Cycle Options: The DW60FC4X1 comes with a variety of wash cycles, including Normal, Eco, Sanitize, and a Quick cycle for light loads.
  • Adjustable Racks: The racks can be adjusted to accommodate tall pots, pans, and platters.
  • Three-Stage Filtration System: This system aims to remove food particles for a cleaner wash and reduce the need for pre-rinsing.
  • Rinse Aid Dispenser: A built-in dispenser ensures dishes come out sparkling by promoting proper drying.


  • Cleaning Power: Reviews on cleaning performance are mixed. Some users report excellent results, while others mention occasional struggles with heavily soiled dishes.
  • Noise Level: There are varying opinions on noise level. Some users find it quiet, while others find it noticeable. Researching decibel level specifications might be helpful.
  • Water Efficiency: The DW60FC4X1 is said to be water-efficient, which can benefit eco-conscious consumers and potentially lower utility bills.


  • Simple Controls: The dishwasher features an intuitive control panel with clear buttons for easy operation.
  • Cutlery Tray: A dedicated cutlery tray helps ensure proper cleaning of utensils.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Mixed Reviews on Reliability: While some users report positive experiences, there have been mentions of issues with longevity, particularly outside the warranty period.
  • Drawer Design Concerns: Some users express concerns about the drawer design, noting difficulty loading large pots or tall glasses.
  • No Smart Features: If you’re looking for smart functionalities like remote control or Wi-Fi connectivity, this model doesn’t offer them.


The Fisher & Paykel DW60FC4X1 presents a feature set that prioritizes flexibility, water efficiency, and ease of use. The drawer design offers unique loading options, while the wash cycles cater to various cleaning needs. However, consider the mixed reviews on cleaning performance, reliability, and noise level before purchasing.