The Fisher & Paykel HC90PHTX1 induction cooktop is a high-tech marvel designed for discerning cooks who prioritize performance and innovative features. Let’s delve into its details to see if it aligns with your culinary needs.


  • Induction Technology: This cooktop utilizes magnetic fields to directly heat cookware, offering superior energy efficiency and precise temperature control.
  • Touch Controls: A responsive touch panel allows for intuitive selection of cooking zones, power levels, and functions.
  • FlexiZone: Two cooking zones can be combined into a large flexible zone, ideal for oversized cookware or griddles.
  • Booster Function: Get instant heat boosts for rapid boiling or searing.
  • Power Management: Distributes power evenly across active zones, preventing overloading.
  • Pan Detection: The cooktop automatically detects compatible cookware and adjusts heating accordingly.
  • Residual Heat Indicators: Stay safe with warnings for hot surfaces after use.
  • Child Lock: Ensures little hands don’t tamper with the controls.


  • Precise Cooking: Induction technology provides unmatched control over heat levels, perfect for delicate dishes.
  • Energy Efficient: Saves energy compared to traditional cooktops, reducing your environmental impact and utility bills.
  • Fast and Responsive: Heats up instantly and reacts quickly to adjustments, ideal for fast-paced cooking.
  • Safe and Cool Surface: The cooktop itself remains relatively cool except for the heated area around cookware, minimizing burn risks.
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth glass surface wipes clean effortlessly.
  • Modern and Sleek Design: The minimalist design with touch controls elevates the look of any kitchen.


  • Higher Price Point: Induction cooktops tend to be more expensive than traditional electric or ceramic models.
  • Requires Compatible Cookware: Only magnetic cookware works with induction, so you might need to invest in new pots and pans.
  • Touch Controls: While responsive, some users might prefer the simplicity of knobs for control, especially with wet hands.

Who Should Buy This Cooktop?

The Fisher & Paykel HC90PHTX1 is ideal for:

  • Serious home cooks who value precise temperature control and fast cooking times.
  • Eco-conscious individuals seeking an energy-efficient cooking solution.
  • Those who prioritize safety and a cool cooking surface.
  • Fans of modern aesthetics and intuitive touch controls.


 the Fisher & Paykel HC90PHTX1 is a top-of-the-line induction cooktop that delivers exceptional performance and a range of innovative features. While the initial investment might be higher and cookware compatibility is a factor, for those who value precision and a superior cooking experience, this cooktop is a worthwhile choice.