The Fisher & Paykel OB90S9MEX3 is a 90cm built-in oven designed for larger kitchens and those who require ample cooking space. It boasts a variety of functions and features, but user reviews highlight both positive and negative aspects to consider.


  • Nine Function Cooking: Offers a wider range of options compared to basic models, including Bake, Fan Bake, Grill, Rotisserie (on some models), Slow Cook, Defrost, and Bread Proof.
  • Large 100L Capacity: Accommodates multiple dishes or larger items like turkeys with ease.
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning: This high-heat cleaning cycle helps burn away grease and grime for easier oven maintenance (Note: Availability of pyrolytic cleaning may vary depending on the specific model).
  • Telescopic Shelves: These extendable shelves allow for easy access and handling of hot dishes.
  • Digital Display and Controls: Provides clear information and user-friendly operation.
  • Child Lock: Ensures safety by preventing unsupervised oven use.


  • Spacious Interior: Ideal for larger families or those who frequently cook big meals.
  • Versatile Cooking Functions: Offers a wider range of options for baking, roasting, grilling, and more (functions may vary by model).
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning (on some models): Simplifies oven cleaning by burning off tough residue.
  • Telescopic Shelves: Improve accessibility and safety when handling hot dishes.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The digital display and knobs make operation straightforward.
  • Child Lock: Provides peace of mind for households with young children.


  • Potentially High Price: This oven might be on the pricier side compared to basic models.
  • Mixed Reviews on Reliability: While some users praise its performance, others have reported issues with breakdowns or malfunctioning components.
  • Uneven Cooking (for some users): Some reviews mention concerns about inconsistent heat distribution, which can affect cooking results.
  • Noisy Operation (according to some reviews): Noise levels might be a concern for some users, especially during high-heat functions.

Who Should Buy This Oven?

The Fisher & Paykel OB90S9MEX3 might be a good choice for:

  • Home cooks who need a large capacity oven for frequent use.
  • Those who appreciate a variety of cooking functions.
  • Individuals who prioritize features like pyrolytic cleaning and telescopic shelves for convenience.

However, be cautious if:

  • Budget is a major concern. Consider the potentially higher price tag compared to similar-sized ovens.
  • Reliability is paramount. Research user experiences to manage expectations, as some reviews report issues.


 the Fisher & Paykel OB90S9MEX3 offers a spacious interior, versatile functions, and convenient features like pyrolytic cleaning and telescopic shelves. However, consider the potential for uneven cooking, noise concerns, and mixed user experiences on reliability before making your final decision.