The Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG6R1, released in 2024, is a premium 90cm wide freestanding dual fuel oven and stove. It combines a gas cooktop with a large electric oven cavity, aiming to deliver a powerful and versatile cooking experience for serious home chefs.


  • Dual Fuel Design: This combines the responsiveness and control of gas burners with the even heat distribution of an electric oven, offering the best of both worlds.
  • Large Capacity Oven: The generous 140L oven cavity provides ample space to cook large meals or multiple dishes simultaneously.
  • Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning: This high-heat cleaning cycle eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, turning grease and grime into easily removable ash.
  • Soft-Close Door: The oven door features a smooth, soft-closing mechanism for a touch of luxury and quiet operation.
  • Precise Burner Control: The finely tuned gas burners offer a wide range of heat settings, ideal for everything from simmering delicate sauces to searing steaks.


  • Price: As a high-end appliance, the OR90SCG6R1 comes with a premium price tag.
  • Limited User Reviews: With a 2024 release date, there are still relatively few user reviews available.
  • Potential Servicing Challenges: Some user reports suggest challenges obtaining repairs from Fisher & Paykel, which could be a concern for long-term ownership.


The Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG6R1 is a well-equipped dual fuel oven and stove with a focus on quality, performance, and convenience. The large capacity oven, pyrolytic self-cleaning, and precise burner control make it ideal for those who love to cook and entertain. However, the high price tag, limited user reviews, and potential servicing concerns require careful consideration.