The Fisher & Paykel RF402BRPUX7 is a 380L fridge freezer that is no longer in production. While reviews are available for this specific model, it’s important to consider newer options that may offer improved features and efficiency. Here’s a look at what we can glean from user reviews and specifications:

Features (based on available information):

  • Capacity: 380L total capacity (269L fridge, 111L freezer) – suitable for medium-sized households.
  • Design: Freestanding with right-hinged doors and recessed handles for a sleek look.
  • Frost Free: No need for manual defrosting in either fridge or freezer compartment.
  • Water Dispenser: In-door water dispenser provides easy access to chilled water.
  • Ice Maker: Automatic ice maker in the freezer for convenient ice production.
  • Humidity Control: Helps maintain optimal moisture levels in the crisper drawers for fresher produce.

Potential Strengths (based on user reviews):

  • Quiet operation: Many users reported the fridge freezer to be relatively quiet during operation [1].
  • Efficient layout: Adjustable shelves and drawers allow for flexible organization [1, 2].
  • Easy to clean: Smooth interior surfaces and spill-proof shelves simplify cleaning [2].

Points to Consider (as the model is discontinued):

  • Limited availability: Finding a new RF402BRPUX7 might be difficult as it’s no longer in production.
  • Outdated Features: Newer models might offer improved features like energy efficiency ratings, digital temperature control, or smart functionalities.
  • Warranty: Manufacturer warranty is likely to be expired for new or used models.


While the Fisher & Paykel RF402BRPUX7 might have been a decent option in its time, focusing on currently available models is advisable. Look for similar-sized Fisher & Paykel fridges or explore alternatives from other brands that offer features important to you, such as better energy efficiency, smart connectivity, or specific storage configurations.