The Fisher & Paykel RF610ADJX5 is a 614L French door refrigerator, offering a modern design with spacious storage and convenient features. This review combines information from product specifications and user experiences to help you decide if this refrigerator is the right fit for your kitchen.


  • French Door Design: This popular design provides easy access to fresh food with two side-by-side doors and a bottom freezer drawer.
  • Large Capacity: At 614L, the RF610ADJX5 offers ample space for groceries, ideal for medium-sized households.
  • ActiveSmart Technology: This technology promises to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the refrigerator, keeping food fresh for longer.
  • Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawer: This drawer helps maintain optimal humidity levels for storing fruits and vegetables, promoting longer freshness.
  • Internal LED Lighting: Efficient LED lighting illuminates the interior for better visibility.
  • Bottle Chill Zone: A dedicated compartment keeps beverages cool without taking up valuable shelf space.
  • Spill-proof Glass Shelves: Easy to clean and prevent spills from reaching lower compartments.
  • Door Alarm: Alerts you if the door is left ajar to prevent food spoilage.
  • Quiet Operation: Users report that the RF610ADJX5 operates at a lower noise level compared to traditional refrigerators.

Positive User Reviews:

  • Spacious and Well-Organized Interior: Users appreciate the ample storage space and the flexibility offered by adjustable shelves and bins.
  • Efficient Cooling: The ActiveSmart technology is praised for keeping food fresh and maintaining consistent temperatures.
  • Easy to Clean: The spill-proof glass shelves and smooth interior surfaces are said to be easy to maintain.
  • Quiet Operation: Many users find the refrigerator to be pleasantly quiet during operation.

Potential Downsides to Consider:

  • Limited User Reviews: While generally positive, the overall number of user reviews for this specific model is relatively low.
  • No Ice and Water Dispenser: This might be a drawback for users who prefer an in-door dispenser for chilled water or crushed ice.
  • Freezer Space: Some users mention that the freezer compartment might feel smaller compared to the refrigerator section.


 the Fisher & Paykel RF610ADJX5 appears to be a well-designed French door refrigerator with a spacious interior, efficient cooling technology, and features that promote food freshness. Users appreciate its quiet operation, ease of cleaning, and well-organized layout. However, the lack of an ice and water dispenser and a potentially smaller freezer section are factors to consider when making your decision.