The Fisher & Paykel RS2484WRU1 is a 24-inch, built-in, panel-ready bottom mount refrigerator designed for a niche audience. This review will explore its features, potential drawbacks, and user considerations to help you decide if this compact refrigerator meets your specific needs.

Designed for Functionality:

  • Space-Saving Design: The 24-inch width makes it ideal for small kitchens, studio apartments, or even secondary living spaces.
  • Bottom Freezer Drawer: Provides easy access to frozen goods without bending over.
  • Internal Water Dispenser: A slim, in-door dispenser offers convenient access to chilled water, eliminating the need for a separate dispenser line.
  • ActiveSmart™ Foodcare: This technology promises to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels, potentially extending food freshness.
  • Variable Temperature Zone: This compartment allows you to adjust the temperature for optimal storage of meats, seafood, or produce.

Potential Limitations:

  • Compact Capacity: At 12.1 cu. ft., this refrigerator offers limited storage space, making it unsuitable for large families or those who grocery shop in bulk.
  • Higher Price Point: While the price tag may seem reasonable for a built-in refrigerator, the additional cost of purchasing separate door panels and handles can be significant.
  • Limited Reviews: Due to its potentially niche market, user reviews for this specific model might be scarce, making it difficult to gauge real-world experiences.

User Considerations:

  • Perfect for Small Households: This refrigerator is ideal for couples, singles, or those living in compact spaces.
  • Customizable Look: The panel-ready design allows for seamless integration with your existing cabinetry for a unified aesthetic.
  • Energy Efficiency: The RS2484WRU1 is likely an energy-efficient appliance, potentially lowering your electricity bills. However, official energy star certification information might be limited.
  • Ice Maker: While some retailers mention an ice maker, information from the Fisher & Paykel website is unclear. It’s crucial to confirm this feature’s presence before purchasing.


The Fisher & Paykel RS2484WRU1 is a well-designed, compact refrigerator ideal for small households or limited-space living. Its focus on fresh food preservation with features like ActiveSmart™ Foodcare and a Variable Temperature Zone caters to those seeking optimal food storage. However, the limited capacity, potential lack of an ice maker, and additional cost for customization are factors to consider before you buy.