The Fisher & Paykel RS36W80RU1_N is a 36-inch built-in, panel-ready bottom mount refrigerator. It boasts a sleek design with a total capacity of 16.8 cu. ft., making it ideal for small families or couples. This review will delve into the key features, potential drawbacks, and user considerations to help you decide if this refrigerator is the right fit for your kitchen.

Design and Functionality:

  • Clean Aesthetics: The panel-ready design allows for seamless integration with your cabinetry, creating a polished, built-in look.
  • Bottom Freezer Drawer: The bottom freezer drawer provides easy access to frozen food, eliminating the need to bend down.
  • Adjustable Storage: Adjustable shelves and door bins in the refrigerator compartment offer flexibility to accommodate various items and sizes.
  • Ice Maker and Water Dispenser: An in-door ice maker and ultra-slim water dispenser provide easy access to chilled water and refreshing ice.
  • ActiveSmart Technology: This technology helps maintain consistent temperature and optimize energy efficiency.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Limited Capacity: With 16.8 cu. ft. of space, this refrigerator might be too small for large families or those who like to stock up on groceries.
  • Noisy Ice Maker: Some user reviews mention that the ice maker can be noisy during operation.
  • Panel and Handles Required Separately: It’s important to note that stainless steel door panels and handles are sold separately, adding to the overall cost.

Usability Considerations:

  • Ideal for Small Kitchens: The compact size makes it a great option for kitchens with limited space.
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth surfaces and spill-proof glass shelves make cleaning a breeze.
  • ** Sabbath Mode:** This feature caters to users who observe the Sabbath by disabling certain functions like lighting.
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified: The refrigerator is Energy Star certified, ensuring energy efficiency and potentially lower electricity bills.


 the Fisher & Paykel RS36W80RU1_N is a well-designed and functional refrigerator ideal for small families or couples. Its sleek aesthetics, bottom freezer drawer, and adjustable storage options make it a user-friendly appliance. However, the limited capacity, potentially noisy ice maker, and additional cost for door panels and handles are factors to consider before purchasing.