The Fisher & Paykel RS6121SLHK1 is a slim integrated column fridge designed for those with limited space. While sacrificing some capacity, it offers clever features and a focus on food preservation. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths and considerations:

Design and Functionality

  • Integrated Design: Similar to its larger counterparts, the RS6121SLHK1 integrates seamlessly behind custom cabinetry panels (not included) for a minimalist look.
  • Compact Size: This column fridge boasts a 351-liter capacity, making it ideal for smaller kitchens, studios, or single/couple households.
  • Internal Water Dispenser: A unique feature for a column fridge, it provides chilled, filtered water without sacrificing valuable shelf space.
  • Variable Temperature Zones: This innovative feature allows you to convert a compartment between Fridge, Pantry, or Chill modes. Pantry mode is perfect for storing items like fruits, vegetables, and bread that benefit from cooler but not fridge-cold temperatures.
  • Adjustable Shelving: The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate different-sized items and optimize storage.


  • ActiveSmart™ Technology: This technology uses sensors to constantly monitor and adjust temperature, aiming to keep food fresher for longer.
  • Frost-Free Design: No more manual defrosting with this fridge, saving you time and effort.
  • Energy Efficiency: The RS6121SLHK1 carries a 3.5-star energy rating, helping you save on electricity bills.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Limited Capacity: With a smaller capacity, this fridge might not be suitable for larger families or those who grocery shop in bulk.
  • No Ice Maker: The RS6121SLHK1 doesn’t have an integrated ice maker, which some users might find inconvenient.
  • Non-Reversible Door: The door hinges are left-handed and cannot be reversed, potentially limiting placement options.
  • Limited User Reviews: Similar to other Fisher & Paykel column fridges, there’s a scarcity of user reviews specifically for this model.


The Fisher & Paykel RS6121SLHK1 is a well-designed column fridge for those prioritizing space efficiency and innovative features like the Variable Temperature Zones and internal water dispenser. However, its compact size and lack of an ice maker might not suit everyone’s needs.