The Fisher & Paykel RS80A1 is an integrated French door refrigerator designed to seamlessly blend into your kitchen cabinetry. This review analyzes its features, potential drawbacks, and user insights to help you decide if it aligns with your needs.

Key Features:

  • French Door Design: Provides easier access to fresh food items with two swing-open doors.
  • Integrated Design: Offers a sleek, built-in look that complements modern kitchens. (Requires cabinet space for proper installation)
  • 417L Capacity: While not the largest, this capacity is suitable for small families or couples.
  • ActiveSmart™ Technology: Maintains consistent temperature and humidity for optimal food freshness.
  • Fast Freeze Function: Rapidly freezes new food items, preserving nutrients and texture.
  • Spill-Safe Glass Shelves: Contain potential spills for easier cleanup.
  • LED Lighting: Provides bright and energy-efficient illumination throughout the interior.


  • Space-Saving Design: The integrated design creates a streamlined kitchen aesthetic and frees up counter space.
  • French Door Convenience: The french door design allows for easier access to frequently used items compared to traditional single-door fridges.
  • Freshness Technology: ActiveSmart™ technology helps keep food fresher for longer.
  • Easy Cleaning: Spill-safe glass shelves and LED lighting contribute to a user-friendly cleaning experience.
  • Positive User Reviews: Users generally appreciate the sleek design, space-saving functionality, and ActiveSmart™ technology.


  • Limited Capacity: The 417L capacity might be restrictive for larger families or those who buy groceries in bulk.
  • No Water Dispenser: If having chilled, filtered water readily available is important, this model lacks that feature.
  • Higher Price Point: Compared to some freestanding French door refrigerators, the integrated design might come at a premium.

Limited User Reviews: While generally positive, there are fewer user reviews available compared to some other Fisher & Paykel models.

Overall :

The Fisher & Paykel RS80A1 is a well-suited refrigerator for small families or couples who prioritize a modern, integrated aesthetic and appreciate features like ActiveSmart™ technology for food freshness. However, the smaller capacity and lack of a water dispenser are important considerations.