The Samsung Crystal UHD 55TU7020 is a 2020 model television that offers a 55-inch 4K UHD display at an affordable price point. It’s a good option for casual viewers who prioritize value over top-of-the-line features. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:

Picture Quality

  • Strengths: The TV delivers good picture quality, especially for its price. Upscaling of non-4K content is impressive, resulting in crisp and detailed visuals. Colors are vibrant, and HDR support enhances the viewing experience, although it may not be as impactful as on higher-end models.
  • Weaknesses: Blacks are not the deepest, leading to slightly reduced contrast ratios. There have been reports of a faint purple halo around fast-moving objects. Viewing angles are average, so picture quality might deteriorate when watching from the side.


  • Strengths: The design is sleek and minimalistic, with thin bezels that keep the focus on the picture. The build quality feels sturdy despite the budget price tag. The TV is lightweight, making it easy to wall mount.
  • Weaknesses: The stand design is basic and might not be the most aesthetically pleasing.

Smart Features

  • Strengths: The TU7020 is a smart TV with built-in apps like Netflix, Youtube, and others. It allows for easy connection to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Weaknesses: The selection of apps may be limited compared to higher-end smart TVs. The user interface, while functional, might not be as intuitive as some competitors.

Sound Quality

  • Weaknesses: As with most TVs, the sound quality is average. Dialogue is clear, but overall audio lacks depth and bass. Pairing the TV with a soundbar is recommended for an immersive listening experience.

Other Considerations

  • The TV has limited connectivity options, with only two HDMI ports and one USB port.
  • The remote control is basic but functional.


The Samsung Crystal UHD 55TU7020 is a solid choice for budget-conscious buyers looking for a 4K TV with good picture quality. It excels in upscaling non-4K content and delivers vibrant colors. However, keep in mind the average contrast ratio, limited viewing angles, and basic sound system. If you prioritize smart features and extensive app selection, you might consider looking at other options.