The Samsung Crystal UHD 85AU7100 is a no-frills 4K TV designed for those who prioritize affordability over cutting-edge features. It offers a massive 85-inch display, making it ideal for creating a home theater atmosphere. But before you hit purchase, let’s delve deeper into what this TV offers and where it might fall short.

Picture Quality:

  • Strengths: The AU7100 delivers a decent 4K picture with good color reproduction thanks to Samsung’s Crystal UHD technology. Upscaling of lower resolution content is also handled well.
  • Weaknesses: Don’t expect top-tier HDR (High Dynamic Range) performance. Black levels are average, and the peak brightness isn’t impressive. Fast-paced motion scenes might show some judder, requiring setting adjustments.

Design and Build:

  • Strengths: The 85AU7100 boasts a slim design with narrow bezels, making the picture the main focus. It’s lightweight for its size and relatively easy to install.
  • Weaknesses: The build quality is plastic throughout, which feels less substantial compared to higher-end TVs. The included stand offers basic functionality but might not be the most stylish.

Smart Features and Usability:

  • Strengths: The AU7100 runs Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform, which is user-friendly and offers a vast selection of streaming apps. Built-in Alexa compatibility allows for voice control.
  • Weaknesses: The remote control can feel cluttered with buttons. Processing power might limit multitasking compared to higher-end Samsung TVs.

Gaming Performance:

  • Strengths: Low input lag makes the AU7100 a good option for casual gamers. There’s a dedicated Game Mode that optimizes settings for a more responsive experience.
  • Weaknesses: While suitable for casual gaming, the display lacks features geared towards serious gamers, such as variable refresh rates.


The AU7100 shines in terms of value. If you’re looking for a massive screen for an affordable price and prioritize basic 4K functionality over top-tier picture quality, this TV is worth considering. However, if you crave the best HDR performance, deep blacks, or are a serious gamer, you might want to look elsewhere.


The Samsung Crystal UHD 85AU7100 is a solid budget-friendly option for those seeking a large 4K display. It delivers decent picture quality, a user-friendly smart platform, and good value for the price. However, keep in mind its limitations in HDR performance, contrast, and high-end gaming features.