The Samsung Crystal UHD UE43TU7000 is a 43-inch budget TV released in 2020. It offers a good picture quality for the price, but some compromises are made in other areas. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the TV’s strengths and weaknesses:

Picture Quality

  • Strengths: The UE43TU7000 delivers impressive picture quality for a budget TV. It boasts a 4K resolution with HDR compatibility, resulting in sharp visuals and vibrant colors. Users particularly praise the clarity and detail in 4K content
  • Weaknesses: While the colors are good, they might not be as accurate or nuanced as higher-end models. Additionally, the TV lacks features like local dimming, which can affect contrast levels in dark scenes.

Sound Quality

  • Strengths: The sound quality is decent, but not exceptional. It’s sufficient for casual viewing, but movie enthusiasts or those who enjoy immersive audio experiences might find it lacking.
  • Weaknesses: The speakers are on the weaker side, which is a common issue with most budget TVs. Users recommend pairing the TV with a soundbar for a richer audio experience

Smart Features

  • Strengths: The UE43TU7000 is a smart TV with Samsung’s Tizen OS. This platform offers a good selection of popular streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. It also supports voice assistants like Alexa for voice control
  • Weaknesses: The Tizen OS, while functional, can be a bit sluggish compared to higher-end smart TV systems. Some reviewers also found the remote control to be less intuitive.

Other Considerations

  • Connectivity: The UE43TU7000 has only two HDMI ports, which might be limiting for users with multiple devices. It does have built-in Wi-Fi and an ethernet port for internet connectivity.
  • Design: The design is sleek and minimalistic, with a thin profile. The bezels are slightly thicker than some newer models, but overall, the aesthetics are decent for a budget TV.


The Samsung Crystal UHD UE43TU7000 is a solid choice for budget-conscious buyers who prioritize picture quality. It offers excellent value for the price, with a sharp 4K HDR display. However, keep in mind the limitations in sound quality, smart TV features, and connectivity options. If you prioritize a more immersive audio experience, a wider app selection, or plan to connect multiple devices, you might want to consider spending a bit more.