The Samsung Neo QLED 65QN85B carves a niche in the mid-range TV market, offering a surprising combination of strengths from both LED and OLED technologies. Let’s delve into its key features to understand if it’s the ideal fit for your home entertainment setup.

Picture Quality

  • Strengths: The 65QN85B utilizes Samsung’s Neo QLED technology, which incorporates mini-LED backlighting for improved contrast and local dimming. This results in brighter highlights, deeper blacks (especially for an IPS panel), and a vibrant color palette. The TV excels in well-lit rooms due to its impressive peak brightness. Unlike traditional LED TVs, the viewing angles are wider on the 65QN85B, thanks to its IPS panel, ensuring a good picture quality for viewers seated off-center.

  • Weaknesses: While the Neo QLED tech elevates black levels, they still can’t compete with the perfect blacks achieved by OLED displays. The lack of Dolby Vision HDR format might be a point of concern for HDR enthusiasts.

Smart Features

  • Strengths: The 65QN85B runs on Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform, a user-friendly system with a vast library of streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max. The 2022 iteration of Tizen boasts a clean and intuitive interface, making navigation a breeze. Voice control with Alexa integration adds to the convenience factor.

  • Weaknesses: Some reviewers noted a slight decrease in responsiveness with the redesigned Tizen interface compared to previous versions. While the app selection is extensive, there might be a few niche options missing.

Other Considerations

  • Design: The 65QN85B follows Samsung’s signature sleek and slim design with a minimalist aesthetic. The included stand provides stability and complements the overall look.
  • Connectivity: The TV comes equipped with four HDMI 2.1 ports, enabling features like 4K resolution at 120Hz refresh rate and variable refresh rate (VRR) for compatible gaming devices.
  • Audio: The sound quality is decent but might lack the depth and power for a truly immersive cinematic experience. Consider pairing it with a soundbar for a more impactful audio performance.


The Samsung Neo QLED 65QN85B stands out for its unique combination of a bright, vibrant picture, improved black levels for an IPS panel, and wide viewing angles. The user-friendly Tizen platform and support for next-gen gaming features make it a compelling option. However, keep in mind the limitations in black levels compared to OLED and the absence of Dolby Vision. If you prioritize a bright picture for a well-lit room, value wide viewing angles, and enjoy a user-friendly smart TV experience, the 65QN85B is definitely worth considering.