The Samsung Neo QLED 85QN85A positions itself as a more affordable option within Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup. This 85-inch TV boasts similar Mini-LED backlighting technology as its pricier siblings, but does it deliver the same level of performance? Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of this contender.

Picture Quality: Balancing Brightness with Blacks

The 85QN85A utilizes Samsung’s Mini-LED backlight, offering a significant upgrade over traditional LED TVs. This translates to improved contrast compared to standard QLED models. Blacks appear deeper, and blooming is kept to a minimum. However, when directly compared to high-end Neo QLED TVs or OLED models, the 85QN85A’s black levels might not be quite as inky.

On the flip side, the 85QN85A shines in terms of peak brightness. This makes it a great choice for well-lit rooms or HDR content. Scenes with highlights and explosions pop with impressive detail. Samsung’s QLED panel delivers vibrant and accurate colors, ensuring a captivating viewing experience.

Upscaling and Motion Handling

The 85QN85A handles upscaling of lower-resolution content decently, but not exceptionally. While watchable, details might appear softer compared to native 4K content. Motion handling is generally good, with minimal judder or blur during fast-paced scenes. However, some users might notice occasional stutter in particularly demanding content.

Design: Modern and Minimalist

Samsung continues its commitment to sleek aesthetics with the 85QN85A. The thin bezels create a near bezel-less look, making the picture the focal point. The TV maintains a clean profile thanks to the included One Connect box, which houses all the connections, keeping your entertainment center clutter-free.

Features: Geared for Entertainment

The 85QN85A offers a range of features to enhance your viewing experience, including:

  • Multiple HDMI 2.1 ports: Perfect for next-gen gaming with support for high refresh rates and VRR for smooth gameplay.
  • Smart TV platform: Samsung’s Tizen platform provides a vast library of streaming apps, voice control capabilities, and easy integration with smart home devices.
  • Object Tracking Sound: The built-in speakers offer decent sound quality, with object tracking adding a touch of immersion. However, for a truly cinematic audio experience, an external soundbar is still recommended.

A Caveat for Gamers

While the 85QN85A boasts HDMI 2.1 ports, it only has one with the full bandwidth capabilities for features like 4K 120Hz. This might be a limitation for serious gamers who want to exploit the full potential of their next-gen consoles.

Value Proposition: Finding the Sweet Spot

The 85QN88A sits in a sweet spot between affordability and performance. Compared to high-end Neo QLED TVs, you might sacrifice some black level depth, but you gain significant savings. If budget is a major concern, the 85QN85A offers a compelling alternative without sacrificing core picture quality aspects like brightness and color accuracy.

Who Should Buy the Samsung Neo QLED 85QN85A?

This TV is ideal for budget-conscious viewers who prioritize a large screen size and excellent picture quality for movies and casual gaming. The impressive brightness makes it a great choice for well-lit rooms. However, hardcore gamers or videophiles seeking the absolute best blacks might want to consider higher-end models.


 the Samsung Neo QLED 85QN85A delivers a strong performance for its price point. It offers a bright, vibrant picture with improved contrast thanks to Mini-LED backlighting. While some limitations exist, particularly for gamers and those seeking the deepest blacks, the 85QN85A remains a compelling option for those seeking a large-screen home theater experience without breaking the bank.