The Samsung QLED 58Q60T is a 2020 model year television that occupies a particular niche: the most affordable option within Samsung’s QLED lineup. While it boasts attractive features like a sharp 4K picture and decent colors, there are compromises made to reach that budget-friendly price tag.


  • Picture Quality: The Q60T delivers a crisp 4K resolution, making details pop in movies and shows. Colors are generally good, with support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, including HDR10+. This translates to brighter highlights and deeper shadows in compatible content.
  • Smart Features: The Tizen smart platform offers a wide selection of apps, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. Built-in Alexa support allows for voice control, adding convenience.
  • Design: Samsung is known for sleek designs, and the Q60T is no exception. It has a slim profile and thin bezels that contribute to a modern look.


  • Limited Brightness: Compared to higher-end models, the Q60T struggles with peak brightness. This can be noticeable in brightly lit rooms or HDR scenes with highlights. Blacks also appear more grayish than true black.
  • Motion Handling: The Q60T utilizes a less powerful processor than its predecessor, resulting in some motion blur during fast-paced content like action movies or sports. Gamers may find this particularly distracting.
  • Viewing Angles: Viewing angles aren’t great on the Q60T. The picture quality can deteriorate significantly if you’re not seated directly in front of the TV.

Who Should Consider This TV:

The Samsung Q60T might be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re on a budget: This is the most affordable QLED TV Samsung offers.
  • You prioritize a crisp 4K picture for casual viewing: If you mainly watch movies and shows in well-lit environments and aren’t concerned about top-tier HDR performance, the Q60T will suffice.
  • You value smart features and a sleek design: The Tizen platform offers a user-friendly experience, and the TV itself looks great.

Who Should Look Elsewhere:

  • Gamers: The motion blur and lower refresh rate make this a less than ideal choice for gaming.
  • Home theater enthusiasts: If you prioritize the best possible picture quality, particularly HDR performance and viewing angles, you’ll want to consider a higher-end model.


 the Samsung Q60T is a decent budget QLED TV. It offers a good 4K picture with decent colors and smart features. However, compromises are made in terms of brightness, motion handling, and viewing angles. If you can stretch your budget, there are better-performing options available.