The Samsung QLED 65Q95TC is a top-of-the-line television boasting impressive features and a premium price tag. It builds upon the strengths of previous QLED models, offering a near-flagship experience for discerning viewers. But is it worth the investment? Let’s break down its key aspects to help you decide.


  • Superb Picture Quality: The 65Q95TC shines with a stunning 4K resolution, rich and accurate colors thanks to Samsung’s QLED technology, and excellent contrast levels. Deep blacks and bright highlights deliver an immersive HDR experience, making movies and games pop off the screen.
  • Excellent Black Levels: Local dimming with a good number of dimming zones allows the Q95TC to achieve deep blacks that rival OLED TVs. This translates to minimal blooming (light spreading from bright objects) and a truly cinematic viewing experience.
  • Smooth Motion Handling: The 120Hz refresh rate paired with Samsung’s motion processing technology ensures smooth and clear visuals in fast-paced content. Whether you’re watching sports or playing high-frame-rate games, motion blur is virtually eliminated.
  • HDMI 2.1 Support: The inclusion of HDMI 2.1 ports future-proofs the Q95TC for next-generation gaming consoles and high-bandwidth devices. Features like ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) further enhance the gaming experience.
  • Smart TV Platform: Like other Samsung TVs, the Q95TC boasts the user-friendly Tizen smart TV platform. It offers a vast library of apps, voice control with Bixby and Alexa, and seamless integration with other Samsung smart home devices.


  • High Price: The Q95TC sits at the premium end of the price spectrum. While the picture quality is excellent, there are diminishing returns compared to some mid-range models.
  • Sound Quality: While decent, the sound system on the Q95TC might not match the picture quality for audiophiles. Pairing it with a soundbar for a more immersive audio experience is recommended.
  • Limited Viewing Angles: Like most VA (Vertical Alignment) panels, the Q95TC has slightly limited viewing angles compared to IPS panels. This means the picture quality might deteriorate when viewed from extreme off-center positions.

Who Should Consider the Samsung Q65Q95TC

The Samsung Q65Q95TC is ideal for movie buffs, gamers, and anyone who prioritizes the absolute best picture quality available in a 4K LED TV. Its smooth motion handling, excellent contrast, and support for the latest gaming features make it a great choice for home entertainment enthusiasts.

Who Should Look Elsewhere

If you’re on a tight budget or prioritize wider viewing angles, then exploring other QLED or LED options might be more suitable. Casual viewers who don’t demand the absolute best picture quality might find the price tag difficult to justify.


 the Samsung QLED 65Q95TC delivers a phenomenal viewing experience with top-notch picture quality, smooth motion handling, and future-proof features. However, the premium price tag and limitations in viewing angles and sound require careful consideration before pulling out your wallet.