The Samsung QLED 8K 82Q800T is a television set targeting those looking to enter the world of 8K resolution at a slightly more affordable price point. While it sacrifices some features found in higher-end models, it offers excellent upscaling technology and impressive picture quality, making it a compelling option for many viewers.


  • Excellent Upscaling: The 8K Quantum Processor with 8K AI Upscaling is a true star of the show. It takes even low-resolution content and breathes new life into it, creating a sharper, more detailed picture that surpasses even some native 4K TVs.
  • Great for Gamers: With an ultra-low input lag of around 10ms in Game mode, the 82Q800T is a fantastic choice for gamers. It also boasts features like motion enhancements for smoother gameplay and dark area brightening to help spot hidden enemies.
  • Vibrant Colors: Samsung’s QLED technology delivers rich and vibrant colors, perfect for enjoying HDR content. The brightness and contrast levels are also impressive, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.
  • Smart Features: The Tizen smart platform offers a wide selection of apps and streaming services, ensuring you have something to watch for any mood.


  • Limited Native 8K Content: Currently, there’s not a ton of native 8K content available. While the upscaling is excellent, it’s not a perfect replacement.
  • Average Black Levels: The Full Array Local Dimming technology is decent, but blacks aren’t quite as deep as what you’d find on higher-end models or OLED TVs. This can be noticeable in dark scenes.
  • No Dolby Vision: The 82Q800T only supports HDR10+ and HLG. While these are good formats, some users might miss the wider range of highlights offered by Dolby Vision.
  • Price: While it’s more affordable than some 8K TVs, the 82Q800T is still a significant investment.

Who Should Buy This TV?

The Samsung QLED 8K 82Q800T is a great option for gamers and movie enthusiasts who want a future-proof TV with excellent upscaling capabilities. However, if you primarily watch content in standard definition or prioritize the deepest blacks possible, you might be better off with a high-end 4K TV.


The Samsung QLED 8K 82Q800T is a solid entry into the world of 8K TVs. It offers excellent picture quality, great upscaling, and fantastic gaming features. However, the lack of native 8K content, average black levels, and no Dolby Vision support hold it back from being a perfect choice for everyone.