The Samsung QLED 8K 85Q900R isn’t just a television, it’s a statement piece. This behemoth boasts an 85-inch display with stunning 8K resolution and class-leading brightness, making it ideal for home cinema enthusiasts and those seeking an immersive viewing experience. But is its size and technology matched by everyday usability? Let’s break it down.

Picture Quality: A Masterclass in Brightness

The 85Q900R shines (literally) with its peak brightness exceeding 4,000 nits. This translates to HDR (High Dynamic Range) visuals that are unmatched. Expect incredibly sharp highlights and details in bright areas, perfect for showcasing the brilliance of nature documentaries or the fiery explosions of action movies. The deep blacks, achieved by a powerful backlight dimming system, provide excellent contrast for a truly cinematic look. However, some reviewers caution that aggressive brightness settings in standard mode can lead to softer pictures. A little tinkering with the settings might be necessary to find the perfect balance.

Samsung’s 8K AI processing is another star of the show. It intelligently upscales lower-resolution content to near-8K quality, ensuring that even your favorite older movies and shows look their best. This is particularly impressive considering the current scarcity of native 8K content.

Design: Big and Beautiful (But Consider Space)

The 85-inch screen is the undeniable centerpiece of the 85Q900R. The bezels are slim, creating a near bezel-less effect that keeps the focus on the picture. The sleek design is complemented by a sturdy stand, although wall mounting is highly recommended due to the sheer size. Before you rush out to buy one, make sure you have ample space in your living room to accommodate this giant.

Smart Features: A Gateway to Entertainment

The 85Q900R is a smart TV with Samsung’s Tizen OS offering a vast library of streaming services, movies, and shows. Popular options like Netflix, Youtube, and Disney+ are readily available, with many more downloadable from the app store. Voice control allows for hands-free navigation, making it easy to find what you want to watch.

Potential drawbacks to consider

The price tag reflects the cutting-edge technology. The 85Q900R is a significant investment. Secondly, the sheer size might be overwhelming for smaller rooms. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, achieving optimal picture quality might involve some adjustment to the brightness settings.

Who should buy this TV?

If you have a spacious home theater and prioritize the absolute best in brightness and detail, the 85Q900R is a fantastic option for movie nights and immersive gaming experiences. However, if you’re on a budget or have limited space, a smaller and more affordable model might be a better fit.


The Samsung QLED 8K 85Q900R is a phenomenal television that pushes the boundaries of home entertainment. The unmatched brightness delivers stunning HDR visuals, while the 8K resolution and AI upscaling ensure incredible detail. The smart features and sleek design add to the overall package. While the price and size might be limitations for some, for those seeking a luxurious home cinema experience, the 85Q900R is a top contender.