• Stunning 8K Picture Quality: When native 8K content is available, the Q950TS delivers exceptional clarity and detail. Images are incredibly sharp, and upscaling of lower resolution content is impressive.
  • Vibrant Colors and HDR: Samsung’s QLED technology offers a wide color gamut, resulting in vivid and realistic colors. HDR performance is excellent, with deep blacks and bright highlights creating a truly immersive viewing experience.
  • Sleek Design: The near bezel-less design minimizes distractions and allows the massive screen to take center stage. The TV itself is relatively slim for its size and offers a premium look.
  • Excellent Upscaling: Even with limited native 8K content currently available, the 85Q950TS excels at upscaling lower resolution content. 4K and Full HD sources are effectively enhanced to appear closer to 8K quality.
  • Smart TV Features: The Tizen-powered smart platform provides access to a vast library of streaming apps, games, and other entertainment options. Voice control and easy navigation add to the user-friendly experience.


  • High Price Point: The 85Q950TS was a very expensive TV at launch, and even with price drops, it remains a significant investment.
  • Limited Native 8K Content: As of 2024, there is still a scarcity of native 8K content readily available. Most of your viewing experience will be with upscaled content.
  • Average Refresh Rate: The 60Hz refresh rate might not be ideal for hardcore gamers seeking the smoothest visuals in fast-paced games. Some higher-end models offer 120Hz refresh rates for improved motion handling.
  • Sound Quality: The built-in speakers, while decent, might not be powerful enough to fill a large room or deliver the immersive audio experience some users desire. A soundbar or surround sound system is recommended.


The Samsung QLED 8K 85Q950TS is a magnificent television for those who prioritize an exceptional home theater experience. The massive 8K display, outstanding picture quality, and premium design make it a centerpiece for any entertainment room. However, the high price tag and limited native 8K content make it a purchase best suited for serious videophiles or those with sizable budgets.