• Sharp 4K Resolution: Enjoy crisp and detailed visuals with four times the resolution of Full HD. Text appears clear, and fast-moving scenes showcase impressive detail.
  • Vibrant Colors (with limitations): The QLED technology delivers an expanded color palette compared to traditional LED TVs. While not the most vibrant among Samsung’s QLED offerings, colors generally appear rich and realistic.
  • HDR Support (HDR10): The Q60R supports HDR10, a format that expands the range of colors and contrast for a more immersive viewing experience, especially in compatible content. However, peak brightness limitations come into play here (see Weaknesses).
  • Upscaling: The Q60R effectively upscales non-4K content, improving the clarity of older movies and shows. This helps maintain a good viewing experience even with less-than-native resolution sources.
  • Smart TV Platform: Samsung’s Tizen platform offers a user-friendly interface with a wide selection of apps, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube.
  • Sleek Design: Samsung is known for its minimalist aesthetics, and the Q60R is no exception. The slim profile and thin bezels contribute to a modern look that complements any room.


  • Limited Brightness: A major drawback of the Q60R is its peak brightness. Compared to higher-end models, it struggles with HDR content. Highlights may appear dull, and blacks tend to lean towards gray instead of deep black. This is especially noticeable in brightly lit environments.
  • Lacks Full Array Local Dimming: Unlike some pricier QLED TVs, the Q60R doesn’t have a full array backlight with local dimming. This means darker areas of the screen may appear less uniform, impacting contrast.
  • Viewing Angles: Viewing angles aren’t ideal. The picture quality can deteriorate if you’re not seated directly in front of the TV. This might be a concern for rooms where multiple people gather to watch.
  • Motion Handling: Motion handling is decent, but not perfect. Fast-paced content like action sequences or sports can exhibit some motion blur, which may be distracting for some viewers.

Who Should Consider This TV:

  • Budget-minded viewers: The Q60R is a good option for those seeking a step up to 4K picture quality and the benefits of QLED technology at an affordable price point.
  • Casual viewers in smaller spaces: The 43-inch screen size is ideal for bedrooms or smaller living rooms. Casual viewers who prioritize a good picture for everyday viewing may be satisfied.

Who Should Look Elsewhere:

  • Home theater enthusiasts: If you prioritize the absolute best picture quality, particularly in terms of HDR performance and viewing angles, you’ll need to consider a higher-end model.
  • Gamers: While the Q60R offers a Game Mode, the motion handling limitations may be bothersome for serious gamers.


 the Samsung QLED QE43Q60R is a decent 4K QLED TV for budget-conscious viewers seeking a step up in picture quality for smaller spaces. It delivers a good 4K experience with decent colors and smart features. However, keep in mind the limitations in brightness, viewing angles, and motion handling before making your decision.