The Samsung QE55Q8C (QN55Q8C in North America) is a 2018 model 4K QLED TV that sits in the middle of Samsung’s QLED lineup. While not the top-of-the-line offering, it boasts many impressive features that make it a compelling choice for viewers who prioritize exceptional brightness and vibrant colors, especially in brightly lit rooms.


  • Superb Brightness and HDR: The Q8C shines (literally) with its exceptional peak brightness, reaching around 1380 nits. This translates to stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) visuals, showcasing highlights and pops of color with impressive intensity.
  • Great for Bright Rooms: Thanks to its high brightness and anti-reflection technology, the Q8C performs well even in rooms with lots of ambient light. You won’t have to squint to see details or have the picture washed out by sunlight.
  • Excellent Color Gamut: QLED technology boasts a wide color range, and the Q8C delivers on that promise. You’ll experience rich, lifelike colors that enhance the viewing experience.
  • Low Input Lag for Gamers: With a 27ms input lag in Game Mode, the Q8C caters to gamers by minimizing the delay between controller input and on-screen response. This is crucial for fast-paced games where reaction time is critical.


  • Black Levels Aren’t the Best: Due to its edge-lit LED backlight design, the Q8C struggles to achieve the deepest black levels. This can be noticeable in dark scenes, where blacks may appear grayish instead of truly inky. Viewers who prioritize excellent contrast for dark room movie watching might be disappointed.
  • Limited Viewing Angles: The VA panel technology used in the Q8C offers good picture quality straight on, but colors and contrast can shift when viewed from wider angles. This can be a concern for rooms where multiple people are watching from different positions.
  • Older Model (2018): Being a 2018 model, the Q8C might lack some of the latest features and processing power found in newer TVs.


The Samsung QLED QE55Q8C is a great choice for viewers who prioritize exceptional brightness, vibrant colors, and excellent performance in bright living rooms. It’s ideal for watching HDR content and delivers a smooth gaming experience. However, those seeking the deepest blacks for dark room viewing or the latest smart TV features might want to consider newer models or explore OLED technology altogether.