The Samsung QLED QE65Q9F was a frontrunner in Samsung’s QLED technology. While not the latest model, it offers a glimpse into what this TV line-up could do back in the day. Let’s see how it holds up in today’s market.

Burning Bright: A Champion in Brightness

The Q9F’s most striking feature is its exceptional brightness. This QLED panel delivers a stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) experience, making highlights pop and colors appear incredibly vibrant. Reviewers consistently praised its ability to handle bright rooms without sacrificing picture quality – a common struggle for LCD TVs.

Blacks and Colors: A Balancing Act

Black levels on the Q9F are decent, but not perfect. Compared to OLED TVs, blacks won’t appear quite as deep, resulting in slightly less contrast. However, Samsung’s backlight technology does a good job of preventing blooming (halo effects around bright objects). Colors are another strength, with the Q9F displaying a wide color gamut that produces a rich and realistic picture.

Beyond the Panel: Features for 2018

While the Q9F doesn’t boast the latest features, it held its own in 2018:

  • Smart TV Platform: Samsung’s Tizen platform offered a good selection of apps at the time, though it might feel slightly dated compared to the latest iterations.
  • Upscaling Tech: Even in 2018, the Q9F did a commendable job of upscaling lower resolution content to near-4K quality.
  • Gaming Features: Input lag was low, making the Q9F a good option for gamers, though some might prefer the responsiveness of modern TVs with HDMI 2.1 compatibility.

A Caveat With Age

It’s important to remember that the Q9F is a 2018 model. Here’s what to consider:

  • Outdated Technology: Newer QLED and OLED TVs offer advancements in areas like picture processing, color accuracy, and potentially better black levels.
  • Limited Availability: Finding a brand new Q9F might be difficult, with most retailers likely focusing on current models.
  • Price: While potentially cheaper than its original MSRP due to being a previous year’s model, factor in how it compares to current discounted 4K TVs.


The Samsung QLED QE65Q9F was a great TV in 2018, showcasing the potential of QLED technology. Its exceptional brightness and vibrant colors remain impressive. However, with newer models boasting better picture quality, processing power, and potentially even lower prices, the Q9F might not be the most compelling choice for today’s consumers.