The Samsung UHD 65TU8000 is a 2020 model 4K TV targeting budget-conscious buyers. It offers a large 65-inch display with decent picture quality for everyday viewing. However, there are some compromises made to achieve its attractive price point.


  • Excellent value: The 65TU8000 is one of the most affordable 65-inch 4K TVs on the market.
  • Good picture quality for casual viewers: The TV offers a decent 4K resolution with HDR compatibility, resulting in sharp images and a good range of colors (though not top-of-the-line).
  • Sleek design: The TV has a thin bezel design that creates a modern look.
  • Smart TV features: Built-in smart TV functionality with apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube provides easy access to streaming services.
  • Auto Game Mode: This feature reduces input lag for a more responsive gaming experience.


  • Limited HDR performance: The TV lacks high peak brightness and advanced local dimming features, hindering HDR content’s full potential. Dark scenes may appear washed out.
  • Average contrast: Blacks aren’t the deepest, which can affect picture quality in low-light environments.
  • Limited viewing angles: The picture quality can deteriorate when viewed from off-center angles.
  • Basic remote control: The remote lacks backlighting and some ergonomic design elements.
  • Fewer HDMI ports: Compared to higher-end models, the 65TU8000 has a limited number of HDMI ports for connecting external devices.


The Samsung UHD 65TU8000 is a solid choice for casual viewers looking for a large 4K TV at an attractive price. It delivers decent picture quality and basic smart TV features. However, if you’re a cinephile or gamer seeking the best possible picture quality and performance, you might be disappointed by the limitations of the 65TU8000. Consider spending more for a higher-end model with better HDR, contrast, and viewing angles