The Samsung UHD 75TU7100 is a 4K TV aimed at budget-conscious consumers. It offers a large screen size, basic HDR compatibility, and Samsung’s user-friendly Tizen smart TV platform, all at an attractive price point. However, like most budget TVs, it comes with some compromises in picture quality and features.


  • Affordable: The 75TU7100 is one of the most affordable 4K TVs on the market, making it a great option for those on a tight budget.
  • Good size options: It comes in a variety of screen sizes, making it suitable for different room sizes.
  • Smart TV platform: The Tizen OS is user-friendly and offers a wide selection of popular streaming apps.
  • Low input lag: Gamers will appreciate the low input lag, which minimizes the delay between your controller input and what you see on the screen.


  • Limited HDR performance: While the TV supports HDR, it lacks the brightness and color accuracy needed to deliver a truly immersive HDR experience.
  • Average picture quality: The picture quality is decent for watching basic cable or streaming content, but it won’t impress videophiles. Blacks aren’t the deepest, and viewing angles aren’t great.
  • No high refresh rate: The TV doesn’t support high refresh rates like 120Hz, which is becoming increasingly common in newer TVs. This can be a drawback for gamers who want the smoothest possible experience.

Who Should Buy It:

The Samsung UHD 75TU7100 is a good option for casual viewers who are looking for a large 4K TV for a secondary room or bedroom. It’s also a decent choice for gamers on a budget, thanks to its low input lag. However, if you’re a movie buff or gamer who prioritizes picture quality, you’ll likely be disappointed. In those cases, it’s worth considering spending a bit more for a TV with better picture performance.


Here are a few alternatives to the Samsung UHD 75TU7100 to consider:

  • TCL 5 Series: Another budget-friendly 4K TV with decent picture quality and a user-friendly smart TV platform.
  • Hisense U7G: Offers better HDR performance and a higher refresh rate than the 75TU7100, but may be slightly more expensive.
  • Vizio M-Series: A good option for those who prioritize picture quality over smart features.


The Samsung UHD 75TU7100 is a decent budget 4K TV with a user-friendly smart TV platform and low input lag. However, its picture quality is average, and its HDR performance is limited. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s a reasonable option. But if you can afford to spend a bit more, there are better TVs on the market.