The TP-Link Tapo P306 is a versatile smart Wi-Fi outlet extender that combines the functionality of a surge protector with the convenience of smart home control. It offers a unique combination of features, making it a compelling option for those looking to expand their smart home capabilities and add a layer of protection to their electronics.


  • Six Outlets:
    • Three smart outlets: Control these outlets remotely through the Tapo app, create schedules, and integrate with smart home ecosystems.
    • Three always-on outlets: Ideal for constantly powered devices like lamps or routers.
  • 18W Fast Charging USB-C Port: Quickly charge your compatible devices.
  • Two USB-A Ports: Charge additional devices simultaneously.
  • Built-in Night Light: Provides soft illumination for added convenience.
  • Surge Protection: Safeguards your connected electronics from damaging power surges.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: No hub required, connect directly to your Wi-Fi network for app control.
  • Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control of smart outlets.

Design and Build:

The Tapo P306 features a sleek and compact design that blends seamlessly into most home environments. The build quality feels sturdy, and the individual outlets are spaced well enough to accommodate bulkier plugs without blocking others.

Setup and App:

Setting up the Tapo P306 is straightforward. Simply download the Tapo app, follow the in-app instructions to connect the extender to your Wi-Fi network, and then assign names to each smart outlet. The Tapo app is user-friendly and allows you to control individual outlets remotely, set schedules and timers, monitor energy usage (smart outlets only), and integrate with voice assistants.


The Tapo P306 performs well in its core functionalities. The smart outlets respond quickly to commands in the app and schedules run reliably. The built-in surge protection offers peace of mind, and the USB ports provide convenient charging options. However, a few potential drawbacks to consider include:

  • Limited range: The Wi-Fi connectivity might be limited for larger homes, potentially requiring additional Wi-Fi extenders.
  • No individual power control for always-on outlets: You cannot remotely turn on/off these outlets through the app.


The TP-Link Tapo P306 is a feature-rich smart outlet extender that caters to a variety of needs. It offers smart home control, convenient USB charging, built-in surge protection, and a night light, all in a single unit. While the Wi-Fi range might be a concern for larger spaces, and the always-on outlets lack individual control, the overall value proposition remains strong.