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The Lost Manual is a free, non-profit and community-driven website where you can find, view, and download user manuals for a vast range of products.

It’s a treasure trove of knowledge, helping you get the most out of your devices and appliances.

Unlike other websites, we do not alter the appearance of user manuals from the manufacturers neither do we convert them into HTML pages.

Last but not least, this website lets you download the user manuals of your choice and  keep them for offline use.

  1. Browse: Explore manuals by category (e.g., electronics, appliances, vehicles), brand, or keyword search.
  2. View: Click on a manual to open it in your browser, where you can read it online or download it as a PDF.
  3. Download: Save manuals to your device for future reference, even when you’re offline.

The Lost Manual houses a diverse category, including manuals for:

  • Electronics (TVs, computers, smartphones, cameras)
  • Appliances (kitchen, laundry, home, garden)
  • Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bikes)
  • Tools and equipment
  • Software
  • Game Consoles
    And more!

The Lost Manual is a community-driven project. You can help in several ways:

  • Upload manuals: This is the most appreciated way of contributing to The Lost Manual project. Share manuals you have to expand the collection. Click on the contribute button on the navbar menu to get started. 
  • Report errors and bugs: Let us know about any inaccuracies or broken links.
  • Spread the word: Share the website with friends and family who might find it useful.

Yes. In addition to viewing user manuals, we also let you download these manuals so that you can view them offline. You only need to own a user account and be signed in. You can only view user manuals without an account. 

In summary;

  • Signed in users: Can view and download user manuals.
  • Guests: Can only view user manuals.

Yes! The Lost Manual is entirely free to use, with no hidden fees or subscriptions.

We are currently not accepting any donations, but we would let you know when that changes. 

The Lost Manual is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who believe in the same goal of making user manuals forever accessible to all.

Feel free to ask your question using the enclosed contact form or send us a mail via [email protected].

We’re always happy to help!

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