The Bertazzoni PE304CER electric cooktop is a contender for the heart of your kitchen. While it boasts an undeniable Italian pedigree and sleek design, does it offer the functionality and performance a home cook craves? Let’s dissect this cooktop through a chef’s lens.

Heating Power:

The PE304CER packs a punch. The 2300W burner delivers a serious boil, perfect for quickly bringing large pots of water to a rolling boil for pasta or blanching vegetables. Lower wattage zones allow for simmering sauces or melting chocolate without scorching. The key feature here is the dual-size element. This innovative feature allows you to expand or contract the heating zone to perfectly match your cookware. No more wasted heat or uneven cooking on oddly sized pans.

Precision and Control:

Precise temperature control is essential for successful cooking. Thankfully, the PE304CER’s touch controls offer responsive and intuitive adjustments. Fine-tuning heat levels ensures delicate dishes simmer gently and searing gets nice and hot. A plus for safety is the residual heat indicator, which warns you when a burner is still hot even after it’s turned off. No more surprise burns reaching for a “cooled down” pan.

Design and Functionality:

Bertazzoni is known for its Italian design flair, and the PE304CER is no exception. The black ceramic glass surface creates a sleek and modern aesthetic that easily integrates into any kitchen style. The integrated touch controls on the front maintain a clean and minimalist profile. Beyond aesthetics, the smooth surface is easy to clean with proper cleaning products.

Considerations for Home Cooks:

While the PE304CER is impressive, there are a few things to consider before purchasing.

  • Size: This cooktop is 30 inches wide. Ensure your countertop cutout can accommodate it.
  • Ventilation: Since it’s electric, downdraft ventilation is not mandatory. However, it’s recommended to effectively remove heat and cooking fumes.
  • Price: The PE304CER falls on the higher end of the electric cooktop spectrum. Consider if the features and design elements justify the investment for your needs.


The Bertazzoni PE304CER is a premium electric cooktop that offers a compelling combination of power, precision, and Italian design. The dual-size element and responsive controls make it a versatile tool for various cooking styles. While the price tag might be steeper, for those seeking a high-performance and stylish centerpiece for their kitchen, the PE304CER is a worthwhile investment.