The Hyundai HYM80Li460P is a cordless, self-propelled lawn mower designed for medium to large lawns. It boasts a powerful battery, wide cutting width, and self-propelled functionality, making it a compelling alternative to gas-powered mowers. But is it the perfect fit for your yard? This review will explore the features, performance, and potential drawbacks of the HYM80Li460P to guide your decision.


  • Battery-powered: Eliminate the need for cords and gas cans with the mower’s 80V lithium-ion battery system.
  • Self-propelled: The self-propelled function reduces strain and fatigue, making mowing larger areas more manageable.
  • Wide cutting width: The 46cm (18″) cutting width allows for fewer passes and covers more ground efficiently.
  • Adjustable cutting heights: Choose from six cutting heights (25mm to 75mm) for a customized lawn finish, from a low mow to tackling taller grass.
  • Large grass catcher: The 65-liter grass collection box minimizes emptying stops during mowing.
  • Steel deck: The durable steel deck provides sturdiness and longevity compared to plastic decks commonly found on cordless mowers.
  • Mulching capability: Recycle grass clippings back into the lawn for natural fertilization with the included mulching plug.
  • Foldable handles: Store the mower compactly with the space-saving foldable handles.
  • Headlights: Enhance maneuverability and mow even in low-light conditions with the integrated headlights.
  • 3-year warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with Hyundai’s 3-year warranty coverage.


  • Battery life: The dual 40V batteries provide a runtime of up to 40 minutes, suitable for most medium-sized lawns. However, for larger areas, a spare battery set or a fast charger (sold separately) might be beneficial.
  • Mowing power: The mower tackles well-maintained lawns and handles moderate unevenness with ease. It might require multiple passes for overgrown or thick grass.
  • Self-propelled function: The self-propelled mechanism simplifies mowing, especially on inclines or larger lawns.


  • Powerful battery system for efficient mowing
  • Wide cutting width for faster coverage
  • Self-propelled design reduces user effort
  • Durable steel deck construction
  • Headlights for added convenience
  • Mulching capability for a natural fertilizer source


  • Bulkier and heavier compared to some cordless mowers
  • Battery life may require strategic planning for extensive mowing
  • Not ideal for heavily overgrown or very wet lawns

Overall :

The Hyundai HYM80Li460P is a powerful and feature-rich cordless mower ideal for homeowners with medium to large lawns. The self-propelled function, wide cutting width, and long battery runtime make it a time-saving and user-friendly option. However, if you have a very large lawn with dense grass or prioritize extreme maneuverability in tight spaces, a gas-powered alternative or a lighter cordless model might be more suitable.