The Sony DXC-390 is a professional-grade, 1/3-inch type DSP 3-CCD color video camera specifically designed for industrial applications and scientific imaging. While no longer in production, the DXC-390 remains a powerful tool for those seeking high-resolution imaging in demanding environments. This review will dissect the camera’s key features, strengths, and potential limitations to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your project.

Exceptional Image Quality

At the heart of the DXC-390 lies its impressive resolution of 800 TV lines. This translates to sharp, detailed visuals, making it ideal for tasks where capturing intricate details is paramount. Whether you’re using it for:

  • Microscopy: Examining minute structures of biological samples.
  • Industrial Inspection: Identifying defects on production lines with exceptional clarity.
  • Remote Camera Systems: Monitoring sensitive areas with high-quality visuals.

The DXC-390 doesn’t stop there. Sony’s Exwave HAD technology enhances camera sensitivity while minimizing smear, ensuring clear images even in low-light conditions (F8 at 2000 lux). Additionally, a high signal-to-noise ratio (61 dB) guarantees crisp visuals with minimal image noise.

User-Friendly Controls and Flexibility

The DXC-390 offers a user-friendly on-screen menu for adjusting various settings, including:

  • DynaLatitude: Optimizes images for scenes with high-contrast lighting.
  • Partial Enhance: Selectively brightens specific areas of the image for better focus.
  • Automatic Exposure (AE) Modes: Provides various options for controlling exposure in different lighting conditions.

These features empower you to fine-tune the camera’s performance to match the specific demands of your application.

Compact and Easy to Integrate

The DXC-390’s compact size (56mm x 50mm x 128mm) and lightweight design (370g) make it ideal for space-constrained environments. This allows for easy installation and integration into existing setups, minimizing disruption to your workflow.


The Sony DXC-390 is a workhorse camera for professional applications requiring high-resolution imaging. Its exceptional picture quality, user-friendly controls, and compact design make it a valuable tool. However, potential buyers should be aware that the DXC-390 is a discontinued model. While used options might be available, those seeking the latest technology or broader functionality beyond industrial applications might want to explore newer Sony models.