The Sony ECM-90BC is an ultra-compact, professional-grade lavalier microphone designed for capturing high-quality audio in various applications. This review dives into its features, performance, and suitability for different users.


  • Ultra-miniature design: The ECM-90BC is incredibly small and lightweight, making it ideal for discreet placement on clothing for presentations, broadcasts, and filmmaking.
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern: Picks up sound equally from all directions, ensuring consistent audio even with slight movements.
  • Dual-diaphragm design: Contributes to high sensitivity for quiet sound sources, a wide dynamic range for capturing loud sounds without distortion, and low self-noise for clean audio.
  • Splash-proof design: Offers some protection against moisture, making it suitable for light outdoor use.
  • Sony 4-pin connector (SMC9-4P): Requires a compatible wireless transmitter (sold separately) for powering the microphone and transmitting the audio signal.
  • 3.9ft cable: Provides some flexibility for positioning the microphone.
  • Includes: Urethane windscreen to minimize wind noise, and vertical and horizontal tie clips for easy attachment to clothing.


The ECM-90BC delivers clear, crisp audio with a wide frequency response, capturing both subtle details and full-bodied sound. The omnidirectional pattern offers flexibility in microphone placement, while the low self-noise ensures the focus remains on the speaker’s voice.


  • Ultra-compact and unobtrusive design
  • Excellent audio quality with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  • Splash-proof for some weather resistance
  • Easy to use with included windscreen and clips


  • Requires a separate wireless transmitter for operation
  • Lacks a built-in battery or option for direct wired use
  • Omnidirectional pattern may pick up unwanted background noise in certain environments


The Sony ECM-90BC is ideal for professional applications where a discreet, high-quality microphone is needed. Here are some specific use cases:

  • Broadcast: News anchors, reporters, interview subjects
  • Filmmaking: Dialogue recording for actors, voice-over work
  • Live Events: Presentations, conferences, lectures
  • Theater: Miking actors for clear sound reinforcement


The Sony ECM-90BC is a top-tier lavalier microphone for professional users who prioritize excellent audio quality and a discreet design. Its small size, high-fidelity sound, and splash-proof build make it a versatile option for various audio capture scenarios. However, the requirement for a separate transmitter and the omnidirectional pattern, which may pick up unwanted noise in some situations, are important considerations.